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My Frequently Asked Questions:

Hi Jerrica, How are you? I hope this email find you well. I'm a resident of Markham and a father of 2 children, they both study in YRDSB public school. I'd like to understand your prespective and point of view for running School Trustee, and I'm sure lots of parents also wanted to find a trustee that can represent them, and bring their options to the YRDSB. So my questions are following: 1. How do you think the new provincial government revert the Health Education Curriculum to the previous version with some update? 2. What do you think the current YRDSB ESCS, specifically below: *************** Every Student Counts Survey YRDSB’s Every Student Counts Survey 2018 (Kindergaren-G6) 16. What is your gender identity? YRDSB’s Every Student Counts Survey 2018 (Grades 7-12) 19. What is your gender identity? *************** Could you please share your view on them? Just a reminder, I may share this information with all the parents who also interested in this. Have a good day! Kevin
Hi Kevin,
I am doing well! Thank you for contacting me and thank you for your questions. As a follow-up to our phone call, I am posting my response to your questions publicly so that you and your friends may access them at anytime as I believe in an OPEN, HONEST, and TRANSPARENT communication.
1) Sex-Ed: My stance on the curriculum is irrelevant since I believed a good Trustee is to represent ALL families and the community regardless of their race, gender, and religious beliefs or lack thereof.  A Trustee is to provide the support and help advocate for ALL families and the community when needed.  We are to be the bridge between families and community and the school board. It is important for Trustees to remain neutral, so we may support ALL families and the community equally.  It is important to understand that Trustees do not have the power or authority to change or amend the curriculum.  The curriculum is set by the provincial government by the Ministry of Education. If anyone says otherwise, then they are misleading you or they don’t fully understand the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee. You may contact the board directly or the chair of trustee at for confirmation.
During our phone call you referenced the webpage:
You are correct that Trustees have a role in policy making, but that is NOT the same thing as the curriculum.  For example, a school policy may state that students who are anaphylactic must carry one EpiPen at all times and have one at the school medical cabinet.
2) Every Student Count Survey: My opinion on the current content of this survey is irrelevant. A good Trustee should not influence other’s decisions with their own opinion. A good Trustee should be capable of providing support and help advocate for ALL families and the community. However, all families should be aware that you have the option to answer a portion of the survey or opt-out of the survey.  It is important to understand that by opting out of the survey you may leave out crucial data or info that reflects the changing demographics and needs of our growing student population. For example, if the majority of a student population from China have opt-out of the survey, the school board may not know that we have a large population of students from that country and may not have the facts to address the needs of those students.
I hope this clarify some questions for you. Thank you for reaching out. Have a wonderful day!
Kind regards,
Jerrica Lin
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