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3 Key Issues

"As a School Trustee, I pledge to improve the safety, well-being

and academic achievements of students. I will advocate on behalf of parents and the community."


  • I firmly believe better two-way communication, transparency, and accountability from the school board is of paramount importance to a student's well-being and academic success.

  • The well-being of students must be a priority and that includes, safety, mental health, inclusivity, and academic achievements.

  • Champion parents' collaboration - to bridge the gap between parents, the community and York Region District School Board.


100% Commitment
  • I am the only candidate who will commit 100% of my professional time to this position.

  • To ensure that our children receive the best education possible requires focused attention.

Passion to Drive 
The Right Experience
  • Proven strength in advocating for parents and the community.

  • Having been the parent Co-Chair of a school that faced many challenges, I learned quickly how to mitigate key issues.



  • From meetings with the Director and Associate Director of the YRDSB, I know how to navigate through the Board's processes and procedures.

  • My experience in dealing with the YRDSB has increased my learning curve on the many bureaucracies and processes and procedures one must follow.

  • Markham-Unionville resident for over 20 years.  Also educated in Canada from Elementary School through University, graduated with two degrees.



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